Changing your Password on a Mac

Scott Barnett -

This information is for NCPS staff Mac users who have machines distributed after July 1, 2014 or are known to have network login accounts.  Users with local user accounts should contact the Help Desk at 4618.

How to Change your Network Password on a Mac when you are logged in

  • Click on the apple logo in the left hand corner of the screen and select system preferences from the drop down menu.


  • Click on users and groups. Select your username and then click change passwordmacLogIn.png


Now how to change your password from the Mac login screen (not logged in yet)

Change Password on Mac from Login Screen

  • You will receive a notification at the login screen stating that your password will expire soon.
  • Click on change password 
  • Once you have changed your password log into your computer with your new password.
  • You will receive a message to update your login keychain
  • Click update keychain password and enter your old password. Your old password will unlock the keychain and allow it to pull the new password form the system.




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